Vodka Yeast Blend with AG

Prestige Professionell Vodka Jäst
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Also for other fermentations. Prestige Professional Vodka Yeast Blend with AG is a specially selected pure fermenting Vodka yeast strain with the addition of Amyloglucosidase and the essential minerals and nutrients missing from a grain mash in order to offer the best environment for the yeast.

This results in the cleanest possible fermentation while improving the speed and temperature tolerance of the yeast.

Unlike other so named 'vodka' yeasts, Prestige Professional Vodka Yeast Blend with AG was developed specifically to produce extra high-grade vodka from an all-grain mash, and is not simply a Turbo Yeast.

It includes only the nutrients not brought into the mash by the grain, ensuring that there are no residual nutrients or minerals which lend off-flavors to the finished product. The result is a world class vodka.

Due to the small nutrient / mineral mix included with this yeast, it can also be used for extra clean fermentation of mid-gravity sugar mashes to 14.5% in approximately 7 days.