Wine Kits

Gert Strand has 35 years of experience in producing quality home-brew products. Using this knowledge we have developed a series of new Grape Wine Kits. Over the years, Gert Strand started to sell wine yeast to wineries, which wanted to make wine of highest possible quality.

The knowledge he has gained from these wineries (grape variety, country, soil) helped develop the yeast he sold. The wine yeast soon exceeded all expectations, and the knowledge gathered has been used to produce these new Grape Wine Kits.

We have selected the best grapes from the best growers in the best wine regions, giving you the best home brew wine kit on the market today. These new Grape Wine Kit have never been previously manufactured in Scandinavia.

Gert Strand has chosen the best ingredients that are obtainable on the market around the world today. Gert Strand's wine yeast will bring out the flavor of the grapes and has included instructions on how to ferment the wine.

These new Grape Wine Kits are packed under nitrogen protection aroma-tight laminated bags which protect against UV-radiation. This will preserve the flavors within the package.