Prestige Mini Turbo 18%, 8 litre

For small batches or slower fermentation. A slow fermentation is better for Schnapps.

Number of sachets in one box: 200

Please order full boxes if you have the opportunity, it facilatetes handling for our staff.

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Suffice to make 8 liter fermentation with 18% strength. Use 2.5 kg of sugar. Start S.G. just over 1,120 (+120 with Oechslemeter) and finish at SG 982 (-18 with Oechslemeter). There is at least 18% alcohol in the mash when finished. Fermentation time is approximately 1 week. Excellent for fruit schnapps and fruit wine and enough to make 25 liters.

Schnapps should ferment slowly, in a time period of 3-4 weeks, so that no flavor disappears with the carbonation. This, together with the significant content of nutrition in the fruits, is the reason for the small amount of yeast dosage.