Water faucet 9 mm with 3/4" thread

Black HDPE faucet with polypropylene tap, the inside diameter of the opening is 9 mm. Without self-venting, just above medium speed if the container has its own venting.
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Water Tap in black HDPE with spigot in polypropylene, 9 mm opening. Without self-venting, slightly above-average speed if the container has its own venting

Designed to screw into the water barrels and barrels with 3/4 "threaded opening. Also fits into the small hole in barrels of steel and plastic, large and small. Gasket in EPDM. Intended for drinking water but is resistant to most chemicals, spirits and food.

Food grade plastic faucet and the spigot is equipped with 5/8 "quick connect for hose. The spigot does not move when the plastic valve is opened.  The valve opens in left position. Straight ahead and to the right are closed.

The water tap can also be installed in any vessel on any straight wall (requires a 25 mm hole) if our lock nut is bought.
A robust and strong plastic faucet in a little harder plastic than usual.

This faucet is the famous Waddington & Duval of London plastic water tap, the original. The tap water is called faucet for rain barrel, usually sold as an accessory to any known garden brand and cost double compared to this.