Serving tap 8 mm with 40 mm screw cap

Serving tap in Low density Polyethylene plastic. Long polypropylene spigot, with 8 mm inner diameter
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Serving tap in HDPE plastic - Low Density Polyethylene. Long spigot in polypropylene, with 8 mm inner diameter. 8 mm is our slowest plastic faucets, therefore easier to use for small volumes. For instance when filling up cups.

Approved for food, withstand wine and alcohol. Fits in 40 mm can openings. 40 mm is a common size for 5 to 10 liter containers (always measure before ordering).

Lacking self-venting and therefore works best with cans that have its own venting. The spigot protrudes 25 mm and an outer diameter of 11 mm. Possible to connect hose onto the spigot. Perfect if you need to fill bottles for instance.