Plastic tap 18 mm fast and vented, for 3/4" thread

For 3/4 thread or in any vessel with the lock nut 30326
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The tap fits into the small hole in the standard plastic drums, steel drums and stainless barrels. 3/4 "thread, this threaded opening is also available in some very rigid canisters. There are also various caps or converters with the 3/4 inch thread, so that you can mount the plastic tap in big caps on drums, cans and containers.

Very fast flow due to the large 18 mm inner diameter of the vented spigot.

The tap is fitted with a gasket made of rubber. Can also be mounted in an arbitrary container and secured with black plastic nut number 30326 on the inside.

Also suitable for thicker liquids. The valve is open when it is positioned to the left and closed straight forward and to the right. Body of HDPE and spigot in pp.

Good plastic faucet for Sake, wine, spirits, vinegar, water, other foods and beverages.

Even for photographic chemicals, agricultural chemicals, reagents, detergents and many other chemicals and liquids. Even for caramel (which need to heated slightly), glycerin, syrups and other viscous products.