Plastic Fermenter 25 L, holds 32 liter

Well designed fermenter, easy to clean, easy to use.
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Plastic Fermenter with lid and grommet for air lock . For fermentation up to 25 liter of wine. Holds a total of 32 liters so there is room for foam during fermentation. Graduated in liters.

Of all fermenters the bucket type is without doubt the most advantageous. It has a liter scale, is very easy to clean and is easy to mix ingredients in. Especially advantageous for fruit and beer fermentation. The lid totally seals the bucket. Colorless alcohol-resistant food grade plastic (PP). Very durable, proven to work well over the years we sold it. There is no difference in taste from a brew fermented in glass or plastic container. The plastic is inert.

Bottom diameter: 310mm
Top diameter: 358mm

Handles not included (and not really necessary)