Plasic tap 12 mm, 40 mm cap, Vented

Medium-fast tap with 12 mm inner diameter.
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Vented (air enters when the liquid runs out), moderately rapid tap with 12 mm internal diameter.

Faster than 8 mm serving taps but significantly slower than 18 mm taps with venting.
The cap is made out of low density polyethylene, spigot is made of polypropylene. High resistance to chemicals, food safe and can withstand alcohol.
The spigot is sticking out just one cm so it is not as easy to easy to fill up a glass with compared to 8 mm plastic taps. Remove the venting if you connect a hose to the spigot. We recommend the 8 mm spigot model if you need to connect a host to the spigot.
Equipped with 40mm standard cap to fit many plastic containers from 2.5 to 15 liters (always measure before ordering).