Mead ingredients kit for 25 liters.

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Make 20-25L mead from honey. Use your own recipe and honey and those ingredients.

This kit can ferment mead to dryness with excellent taste.

Fyll upp till 25 liter Mjöd / honung vin (upp till 15% ABV). Bara tillsätt honung och använda dina egna recept.

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High quality, a must for mead to taste good. Make up to 25 liters of mead / Honey wine (up to 15% ABV). Just add honey and use your own recipes.

1 bag of General bayanus wine yeast
1 bag wine bag Nutrients
1 Citric acid
1 bag of wine Stabilizer
1 bag fining Kieselsol Fining A
1 bag fining agent Chitosan Fining B

To make mead / honey wine, you need a suitable yeast strain - this kit contains the best. All the ingredients included are professional quality. The same that we sell to the wine industry in

This kit includes professional ingredients of the highest quality.

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Mead ingredients kit for 25 liters.