Filter Unit, UNO. For 220 mm Funnel

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Complete filter unit set for 220mm funnel. This set does NOT include funnel. Funnel needs to be purchased separately. Filter unit set is mostly used with a funnel connected. Activated Carbon is placed inside the plastic tube for different forms of liquid purification. Liquid is purified when running through the activated carbon and then through the filter placed below. A filterunit end placed in the bottom end of the tube keeps the carbon in place. The activated carbon absorbs almost everything from the liquid while the filter picks up smaller particles ect. Each 50cm plastic tube with a diameter of 40mm holds approx. 1.7 litres of liquid.

Filter Unit Set includes:
3 Plastic tubes 40mm x 50cm
2 Connectors for 40mm tubes
4 Pieces (not packs) Filter Papers, circular, 120mm diameter
1 Filterunit end for 40mm tube
Instructions sheet

All parts included are food grade and alcohol tolerant.

Note: Funnel is NOT included. We recommend 33122 - Funnel of chemical tolerant plastic 220mm. It works great with this filter unit set and can hold larger volumes (3.8 litre, more than a US Gallon) than standard funnels.