FillUp E-juice Liquorice roll 30 ml

FillUp Liquorice roll 30 ml contains 20 ml. Add 10 ml of suitable nicotine or VG / PG mixture and shake to produce 30 ml e-juice for e-cigg.
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FillUp is supplied in many flavors and is a so-called Shortfill for Mix and Smoke E-Liquid. The content is 20 ml of e-juice concentrate to be blended to 30 ml with nicotine solution, base fluid, glycerin or propylene glycol. Next, the contents should be shaken or twisted with a screwdriver so that the liquids are mixed to the finished juice, ready to pass in a cigg. To make 3 mg / ml nicotine for large moths, mix with 10 mg of nicotine 9 mg / ml. To make 6 mg / ml for normal sized elcigarettes mix with 10 ml of nicotine solution 18 mg / ml.