Smoking is dangerous and kills but it's hard to stop. It has become a habit.

The alternative to the traditional cigarette is the e-cigarettes. E-Cigarettes are charged with a USB charger. Attach the filter or refill flavor liquid. Flavor Liquid is significantly cheaper than the filters.

The filter to your e-cigarette produces between 350 and 400 puffs that do not smell anything for the environment but adds flavor to the person who smokes.
E-cigarette looks like a normal cigarette and has both smoke and glow, but the smoke is composed only of water vapor so it is not dangerous.

Many of our customers use our flavors for carbonated water instead of eJuice. We become almost daily tipped off about this as they say is both cheaper and tastier. In Germany it is even more common, which discussed this on the forums so many more e-cigarette smokers know it.

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