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Here you'll find liquor and liqueur essences, candy shots, turbo yeasts and supplies for distilleries, home distillers and home brewers.

Our goal is to produce the worlds best essences and turbo yeasts and to sell only top quality. Our assortment of essences is the world's largest and the same top quality we sell to distilleries.

Delivering a fine taste sensation to our customers is very important to us. Prestige Essences from Gert Strand contain only the highest quality of oils and ingredients available today.

Turbo Yeast

In the 1980's Gert Strand introduced a fast-acting yeast that was perhaps the first Turbo in the world. Selling only high quality is the company policy. Now, in the year 2014, Gert Strand proudly introduces new, improved, fast-acting Turbo yeasts, in every price class.

Essences 32 ml plastic

The Original Prestige Essences deliver an authentic and enjoyable taste experience. To keep postage weight low, so we can offer lower shipping cost.
29 SEK

Sparkling Water Flavour 32 ml

Enjoy carbonated water with your own personal favourite taste. Adding your favourite flavour to carbonated water will give you instant refreshment.

29 SEK

Soft Drink Concentrate 500 ml

Classic Soda Concentrate tastes good and contains 80%-100% less sugar than regular soda. With added fibers.
59 SEK

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